Affordable Energy Partners is a California and Hawaii-based, owned, and operated firm specializing in the development of commercial-scale solar energy projects and emerging technologies.

Together with its joint venture construction partners Trinity Solar, Inc. and Trinity Development and Construction, Inc., Affordable Energy Partners have designed, installed and currently own more than 1.5 Megawatts of commercial solar projects in California and Hawaii. Affordable Energy Partners has installed all types of commercial and utility-scale photovoltaic projects, including ground-mounted systems, covered parking and more. Affordable Energy Partners also has experience with various types of financing, including power purchase agreements.

Management Team

Anthony Barkett – Managing partner
Chris Flaherty – Managing Partner

Affordable Energy Partners: Solar Project Listings

Charleston Place

DC(KW): 64.17
1515 E. Bianchi Rd., Stockton, CA
# of units: 82

Diamond Terrace

DC (KW): 156.17
6401 Center St., Clayton, CA
# of units: 81

Park Kinsburg

DC (KW): 412.16
333 Kern, Kingsburg, CA
# of units: 101

Alder Apartments

DC (KW): 36.19
45 N. Salisbury, Porterville, CA
# of units: 64

Evergreen Apartments

DC (KW): 18.33
65 N. Salisbury, Porterville, CA
# of units: 41

Fowler Apartments

DC (KW): 28.2
340 E. Adams, Fowler
# of units: 44

Oakdale Apartments

DC (KW): 18.095
30 N. Lee, Oakdale, CA
# of units: 42

Oakdale Garden

DC (KW): 15.51
40 N. Lee, Oakdale, CA
# of units: 42

Tulare Apartments

DC (KW): 46.53
1101 S. Irwin St., Tulare, CA
# of units: 97

Woodlake Apartments

DC (KW): 22.09
551 N. Cypress St., Woodlake, CA
# of units: 47

Woodlake Garden

DC (KW): 19.74
705 Sequoia, Woodlake, CA
# of units: 48

Kern County Sanitation Authority

DC (KW): 255.48
4101 Kimber Ave.
Bakersfield, CA


Contact Us

Chris Flaherty
(209) 483-8105

Anthony Barkett
(209) 609-7745

Pat Harden
(209) 483-3571

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