Oliveto Ranch, LLC is a 320 acre orchard east of Linden, CA developed in 2009. The land had previously been used as a cattle grazing ranch and is well suited for olives and walnuts. There are two 160 acre plantings of High Density Olives for oil production and 160 acres of walnuts. Two deep irrigation wells were developed to supply water to the site and each 160 acre parcel respectively, and the land was deeply ripped 6 feet to loosen the soils for proper root development. A site plan was developed with soil studies mapped along with a biological study identifying any sensitive environmental areas so as to protect those areas during our planned development. Infrastructure such as underground irrigation, trellis system and roadways were mapped and installed as well as varieties chosen to best match the soils.

160 Acres of Walnuts were planted in 2011. In addition, 85 Acres of Chandler Walnuts and 75 acres of Howard Walnuts were planted on Paradox Rootstock with double row drip irrigation, 24 ft. x 18 ft. spacing on both plantings. The walnuts are sold to Prima Noce packing in Linden, CA, which is a major international handler of walnuts.

160 Acres of High Density Planted Olives were planted in 2009. 160 acres of Arbosana Olives were planted with single row drip irrigation, 9ft. x 4.5 ft. spacing, on a trellis system. The olives are sold to the Sciabica Family and Corto Oil and used for their olive oils. The olive oil is also used for SOOPCO Olive Oil, an organization that raises money for local children’s organizations.

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